The combined strength of Japanese pressure point therapy and body-focused psychotherapeutic coaching

Our inner journey towards awareness, towards self love. We believe that everyone has the right and the power to shine and enjoy life the fullest. Healing, becoming whole, the best you, loving all parts of you! Pursuing truth, creativity, knowledge, playfulness, beauty, feeling of joy, real deep gratitude and fulfillment in life. Do you want to come back to your own flow in life, are you seeking answers, do you want a passionate and meaningful career, you in need for a more permanent release in your body and free flow of energy, personal growth, insights for healing and a new look at your own life, then the healing insights is the place for you! Here you can find coaching and Shiatsu Therapy for body and mind. Ayahuasca Coaching for pre and post Ayahuasca journey guidance. Workshops to get back to your own self and passion finding workshops as well as deepening 1 on 1 sessions.


To shine and be fully yourself it is for a lot of people necessary to unlearn certain patterns, habits, convictions and agreements that we learned to protect ourselves in the past, but are now holding us back or even working against us. Which can result in lack of energy, unnecessary fears, and finally manifesting in dis-eases in the body. We believe that by bending and removing these old patterns and 'reinstalling' new healthy patterns you are able to shine once again and enjoy life the fullest. To change patterns and fully heal fiscally, mentally as well as spiritually it is necessary to first be aware of these patterns, we offer an alternative and new method to insights and healing. The healing insights offer specially designed coaching sessions for healing and insights, the focus is not only the mind but a holistic approach on body, mind and soul. Shiatsu, reiki / pranic healing and other alternative healing methods are used to gain these insights and activate the bodies self healing systems.

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Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu (= finger pressure) is a preventive therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years ago in Japan and is based on the traditional Chinese medicine, based on the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body using the hands. The core of this art revolves around Ki (= life energy) through the meridians (energy pathways that run through the body) nourishes all parts of the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the philosophy of the Tao, the universal energy Yin and Yang and the five elements and is based on a holistic view of man and his health. Shiatsu aims to stimulate the self-healing ability of the body.

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Personal Insights

You can read and listen to all the personal insights that can help you grow and open your heart. In my own life I experience deep amounts of personal struggles and healing. By sharing my own struggles I hope I can inspire you to keep on going, heal all aspects of you and becoming whole again.

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My mission is to empower people so that they can shine and move towards self-acceptance and self love. With the intention to achieve sustainable transformation. Inspire and motivate people about the infinite possibilities and potential that lies deep within everyone. Opening eyes by healing insights, finding the way to the source the essence of life, toward self-awareness and love. My mission is to make as many people as possible experience life through authenticity and self-acceptance. Together with deep connections with themselves as with others, taking responsibility for once own life with yourself and the feeling that you are appreciated for who you are with everything you have to offer.

What can I help you with?

Do you experience physical stress and would you like to know the cause of it?

Are you stuck and are you looking for answers for healing?

Do you experience that unconscious blockages / beliefs stopping or blocking your development?

Do you stuck in life and do not you know which course you should go for?

Do you experience an abundance of choice and do not you know which choices are right once for you?

Would you like to stop obstructive habits?

Would you like to live your life from your heart and not from your mind?

Do you like to live with more self-esteem, self-acceptance,  self-love and authenticity?

Do you want more satisfaction, purpose in your life and meaning in your work?

Would you like insights for healing and a new look at your own life?

Do you need a more permanent release in your body and the free flow of energy?

Shiatsu Therapy

Coaching & Shiatsu Therapy

Most practices look or at your body or focus on your mind, such as a physiotherapist or a psychotherapist. Here at the Healing Insights we provide a combination of both, Shiatsu is used to heal and search within the body where energy is blocking, where there are tensions and blockages. These will be translated to emotions and thoughts in the mind. Because we are one system not just the brain or one specific organ, this holistic approach is the best for a more permanent healing.  Check our coaching page for more info on Shiatsu: What is Shiatsu?

ayahuasca coaching

Ayahuasca coaching

We provide 1 on 1 sessions for healing, personal development, preparations and integrations of insights after and before an Ayahuasca journey.

Vinden van je passie

Passion Finding

Doing something you love, to find what you truly believe in, working while expressing yourself and being yourself. Most of us are working to get money and live a life after work, but work is more than 50% of our lives, it consumes so much of our time that it is important to do something that you love.
To do everyday something you are not only good at but the things that will give you energy and happiness.


Our inner journey

How to heal and be the light you are by nature. We are all beings of light, from the cell to the molecule, atom, protons, electrons and neutrons.. energy. Energy waveform life's creation of yin and yang on and off, ones and zeros. This all makes you the U-niverse. On this website we share our insights and try to help each other getting back to the default state of aliveness and happiness that you are by nature. For those who want to free themselves and want to know how to become a free person, free of your own destructive thinking, accepting and loving all that is you, living a life full of joy and happiness, whole and complete.