Ayahuasca coaching

Ayahuasca coaching

Ayahuasca coaching for post- en pre retreats and spiritual growth
The healing insights offers next to regular coaching sessions also coaching especially aimed at those daring to take the heroes journey, who have ventured to seek alternative arrangements for deep healing. Those who dared or plan a journey on Ayahuasca, Peyote, Toé, San Pedro or take other plant medicines. They often have profound and life changing insights. The healing insights will help integrate these insights and transformation these into your daily lives. Because of these profound insights, help and coaching can be especially welcome. And therefore, after such an experience searching for help and support is only natural. The healing Insights provides specially tailored personal coaching sessions in preparation and the implementation before and after a journey.

For preparation we will guide you for the pre-cleansing and mental preparations needed for a safe and fruitful journey. You know what you can expect and you will be fully prepared to open up to mother Ayahuasca for what ever she has to show you.

We will guide you with:

  • Determine your life goals,
  • Keep a personal follow-up,
  • Organize activities to bring yourself your back and completely ground again,
  • Working on your health by help with proper nutrition,
  • Respond to your requests for help and guide you through the integration of all healing aspects.


Please do not take an Ayahuasca ceremony lightly, prepare yourself well and do as much research yourselves. Please make use of our guidance and get as much out of your experience as possible.

May love be on your side.





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