Coaching by walking gives you the ability to move freely, nature is where you will loosen up!

 - Nick van 't End

By walking energy blockages in your body can be moved and release from your body. During coaching sessions, it is common that old emotions come up to yet be released by the body, by applying coaching by walking these stuck emotions are more easily released and let go of. In addition, nature provides fresh air, grounding and gives the body and mind rest.
Besides letting go and increased bloodflow, due to more rest and calmness your body will enter into meditative state which enables you to come to insights and understanding faster. Talking in nature makes the session lighter and bigger or different steps are made towards healing compared to indoors.

Walking Coaching is suitable for all kinds of coaching matters. For especially depression, burnout and bodily complaints this way of coaching can provide a natural soothing and healing effect.

Walking coaching sessions are at least one and a half hours. If you prefer to have the session in a certain area, that is of course possible.


Email: nvantend@gmail.com

Phone: 0031-623186888


Besides the personal one-on-one coaching session the Healing Insights also offers coaching in the following ways:

  • Healingcoach: Combining Shiatsu Japanese Pressure point therapy and psycho-therapeutic coaching.
  • The moment: deep commitment to what happened in the Now and accept it fully.
  • Home Coaching: Coaching Can also be done at the comfort of your home.
  • Ayahuasca coaching: get well prepared to an Ayahuasca retreat, get all the insights implemented in your life.
  • Passion Finding: doing something you love, to find what you truly believe in, working while expressing yourself and being yourself.