My mission is to bring people to their own strength, shine and create self love. To explore and bring out the highest potential in people. By open eyes through the healing insights we gather back at the source, and towards self awareness and love. My mission is to get as many people to experience life with authenticity and love. Together, with real connections with someone else, in touch and really feel that you are appreciated, with everything you have to offer.


My story

Personal development, the inner structures and what is makes to live your life fully has interested me for quite some time now. 

To have as much fun and excitement in my life as possible, this was already one of my core beliefs when I was young. It was only later in life that I realised that only if you are more aware than through this enhanced awareness a moment can be more fully enjoyed, by being completely in it.
The greater awareness the more you will also be confronted with all of your weak points, your faulty patterns and all the patterns you learned to survive when you where young that don't serve you anymore now and could even work against you.

With workshops, shiatsu, events and coaching sessions I like to lift and change the patterns that do not work anymore into healthy patterns that enforce the happy you and heals the body, mind and soul to enjoy life again and open up the eyes completely and become the best you possible in order to experience the most fun in your life as possible.

With extensive knowledge of personality profiles, shiatsu / eastern medicine, chi kung, body/mind awareness, meditation, etc.

Within my practice I love to make real connection and get awareness of the main sources and patterns that hold you back in life. By going directly towards the source of a problem, more awareness and insights are unlocked. By being completely honest and open within a safe environment, these insights can be transformed into new and healthy patterns that benefit and renew your lives energy.

Have the most fun and experience life the fullest!

I hope to meet you!

Your inner child, more than just an idea

Nick van 't End


You can call, sms-en, use Whatsapp or email me for an appointment or questions.

Email: nvantend@gmail.com
Phone: +31-6-23186888
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehealinginsights/

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