Healing insights

Join me as I share with you the best of my healing insights gained through my journey through a world of spiritual experiences, meditation and personal invigoration. 

healing insights - ayahuasca-path

My Ayahuasca Experience

In may 2015 I decided to go and take a drastic decision in my life. I really wanted change, I was done with how I lived my life at the time and something drastic needed to happen. What I did not know back then that the experience I would have with the Ayahuasca plant would so utterly change my life ...

healing insights-talking-cells

Talking to your cells

Healing your body, healing your cells, to become whole again could take forever. We learned that we should take pills and focus our attention on other things than our body. But to really heal your body the opposite is true.

Imagine for a moment that not only you but also your cells have their own consciousness.  Imagine then that...

healing insights - Psoriasis cure

How I cured my Psoriasis

There are a lot of articles and information you can find online, but it is hard to find something that really works. In this article I only want to give you the cure that worked for me. I introduced it to my grandpa and it helped him as well. So I only hope it could do the same for you!

The Healing Insights

Hou ons in de gaten op www.healinginsights.nl, deze site is een blog en article site, hier wordt continu gesleuteld aan een online platform voor self healing.


Demonster Games

Demonster Games

Hou ons in de gaten op https://demonstergames.com/ We zien dat de wereld een grote verschuiving ondergaat, een verschuiving naar de collectieve groei van ons bewustzijn naar het volgende niveau, het niveau van het hart. De games van Demonster Games moeten bijdragen aan deze verschuiving. Deze site is tevens een plek voor mijn creativiteit voor authentieke expressie en spiritualiteit.